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At Cosmetic Nurse Co. we are committed to ongoing education and training for all staff at all levels and experience to keep our knowledge, techniques and technology current. To keep our skills at the highest of highest standards we require training models to practice and refine our skills. Training services do not incur full fees - If selected as a training client a quote will be discussed prior to the training session. If you would be open to becoming a training model, please read over the below terms and conditions prior to joining our waitlist. We require you to send us a photo and complete a health survey prior to assess suitability for treatment prior to offering you a service. 



If the patient receives additional services or treatments, they will be charged at the full price and discounts will only be applied to training services.


To receive a training service at a subsidised rate, the patient recognises that this service will be performed by a qualified Registered Nurse, currently training in that given cosmetic procedure. All training services will be performed under guidance and support of an experienced supervising Registered Nurse and/or another healthcare practitioner.

The patient agrees to having their clinical photos taken and used for the purpose of marketing with the right to withdraw consent at any time.

By submitting this form the patient acknowledges that this does not guarantee and appointment or service, it is simply to register interest in being considered as a model. 

Sign up to go on the Training Model waitlist

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