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Our pricing is reflective of our knowledge, expertise and high level of ongoing training. Ensuring we are current in the lastest products, technologies and techniques in medical aesthetics is extremely important to us. At Cosmetic Nurse Co, we are all so passionate about the medical aesthetic industry and take pride in creating beautiful results for every client. We are respectful of your time, are punctual and give you the time and attentiveness you deserve in what can be daunting process for many people.

Due to TGA regulations we can no longer display pricing for scheduled medicines. Please contact us to arrange a phone, email or (ideally) and in-person consultation for a quote. 


Cosmetic Medical Treatments

All cosmetic medical treatments require a consultation to ensure patients are medically fit for treatment, have been educated in the benefits and risks of treatment and have been given the best options to suit their unique anatomy and beauty.

Initial consultation is $50.

You have the option to book for a 'consultation only' or to 'consultation and treatment' in the same appointment if clinically indicated.

This amount is non-refundable, however it is redeemable toward any treatment or product purchase for 2 weeks post appointment.

Quotes will be given as part of treatment planning to ensure you are aware of the cost before proceeding with treatment. 


Areas we can improve lines, wrinkles and muscle 'pulls'; Frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, nose scrunching or 'bunny lines', gummy smile, lip flip, 'smokers lines' or lines above the top lip, downward pulls on corners of mouth, chin dimpling, dominant neck muscles which pull on 'jowls'.

Areas we can create treatment plans to improve volume; Cheeks, Lips, Tear Trough (hollow under eye area), Chin, Marionette Lines (volume loss at corners of mouth), Pre-jowl Sulcus, Nasolabial Fold (line from nose to mouth corner), Jawline & Temples

We also offer medical grade treatments to improve skin elasticity, volume, thickness and hydration which is also a consideration in your treatment plan.

Skin Needling

Home rolling Microneedling Consultation & Treatment

$300 - Includes; Skin assessment to decided on depth of needle, treatment of microneedling demontrated by nurse, patient education on how to microneedle at home, microneedling kit & santisation pack (will last 6 months).


Clinical Skin Needling Consultation

$120 - Includes enzyme facial & skin assessment, before photos and tailored skin care program for patient specific concerns. 


Clinical Skin Needling Treatment

$450 per treatment - Face only (inclusive of enzyme facial 4-7 days post treatment)

$550 per treatment - Face, neck, decolletage & scalp (inclusive of enzyme facial 4-7 days post treatment)

Treatment packages are available. To learn more about Skin Needling and our packages you can download our information booklet here:


Skin Treatments

Skin Consultation

$120 - Includes enzyme facial & skin assessment, before photos and tailored skin care program for patient specific concerns.

Dermaviduals Facial

$190 - Signature Facial (60 Minutes) - Refresh and rejuvenate. Take an hour for yourself, lay back, and experience our very popular signature facial. Double cleanse, enzyme mask, treatment tonic, relaxing massage, customised vitamin concentrates all infused with a nourishing algae jelly mask, to ensure your skin gets what it really needs for that healthy glow.

$250 - Deluxe Facial (90 Minutes) - For those with a little more time up their sleeve that are seeking real indulgence. This entire experience is entirely customised to you and your needs. Your nurse will assess your skin and intuitively create a personalised treatment just for you. Double cleanse, enzyme mask, revitalising treatment tonic, lavish facial massage infused with specially selected active ingredients, a nourishing jelly mask to infuse the actives, a personalised mask for the neck and decollotage, a relaxing hand and forearm massage, application of an invigorating eye cream and protective lip balm. You will just about float out of the room!

Jan Marini Chemical Peels

$100 - 40% Glycolic Acid peel. Surface exfoliation only. Gentle peel, light flaking post peel only

$200 - Jessner Peel. Multiple options of chemical exfoliants for a deeper peel. Depth of peel can be tailored to your needs.


$130 per session - 60 minute Hydro-microdermabrasion session with enzyme mask

$300 for a package of 3 Hydro-microdermabrasion treatments. 

Consultations and Quotes

No two faces or skin types are the same and what a beautiful thing! This does mean that quoting can be very difficult without being able to see you, your skin, your expressions and volume on movement and up close. 

For an accurate quote we recommend having a $50 consultation with one of our Registered nurses. The $50 consultation fee is redeemable towards any product or treatment you decided to proceed with over the next 2 weeks.

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